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Rallyware reinvents corporate training by connecting company-specific learning activities with operational and performance data utilizing AI, machine learning, and science-based gamification technologies for most impactful outcomes. This results in significant business KPI improvements for companies with large distributed workforces. Our customers are industry leaders and include companies like Samsung, Avon, Recruit, Vivint, Oriflame, and Mary Kay.

Rallyware improves employees’ knowledge and performance through smart gamification by:

  • Energizing and motivating employees through scalable personalized social game-like experiences and peer recognition
  • Providing ability to segment employee population by teams, geographies, interest, or any other attributes in order to align them with specific process workflows and maximize their engagement and effectiveness
  • Enabling employee success through customized engagement, learning, and development programs
  • Fostering collaboration between employees across functions and geographies
  • Identifying talent and improving engagement through real-time metrics and analytics.

Website: https://www.rallyware.com/